Surf school weligama. surf lesson weligama

surf school weligama

surf school weligama

surf lesson weligama

surf lesson weligama

Take Your First Wave With My Surf Camp

Whether you’re a first-time surfer or swell-chasing veteran, our My Surf Camp Surf School cater to your every need in the world’s most beautiful surf spots! With over 10 years of experience, we offer a true and unforgettable surfing experience. Join our passion for surfing and become part of our family!


More than 10 years surfing experience. Many people made their first paddles and surfed their first waves with us, and then came back to learn to surf better.

Stay & Surf with us

Stay in one of our Surf Camps and surf every day one of the best surfing spots in Weligama with our professional training surfing coach team.


Even if you would love to surf all the time, you still need to have some rest and relax. Our team will try to ensure you spend your time off surfing with maximum comfort.


We have very flexible discount scheme for our regular visitors, groups, and those who decided to fully dedicate their holidays to surfing.

Surf School Weligama - My Surf Camp Surf School Weligama

Welcome to My Surf Camp

The Weligama only sand beach in Sri Lanka, a Beginner's Paradise is one of the best places in the world to learn how to surf. This is why My Surf Camp Surf School is located here on the shores of Weligama bay, amongst some of the most popular surf destinations. All our instructors are certified by the International Surfing Association and trained in Surf Rescue, and follow the learning process and updates established by the ISA. Lessons are held in two languages: English and Sinhalese. Surfing school in Sri Lanka is open all year round for both private and group classes. You can start surfing at any age and with any body composition. We accept students starting from 6 years old! It is a great opportunity for children to spend time being active and outdoors. As for adults it is a great way to diversify their lifestyle, improve health and increase stress resistance. We recommend preparing in advance before the lessons begin. Balance and stretching exercises, breathing practices will help you get a better physical shape faster. Surfing is not only a sport, but also a philosophy, overcoming fears, managing emotions and the ability to adapt to the forces of the nature that are beyond our control, the ability to use them in our own interests. Surfing helps you to choose the right moment, to catch your first wave. See you in the lineup!

Our Surf Lesson Packages

Weligama sri lanka - My Surf Camp Surf School Weligama

Weligama where we left our hearts

Weligama is situated on the south coast of Sri Lanka, close to some of the country’s most stunning beaches. Driving from the airport, through the busy capital of Colombo and towards the coast to discover another world. Here you’ll feel more like an explorer on an adventure rather than a tourist on holiday. See the extraordinary beauty of the beach in nearby Mirissa, explore the narrow alleyways of the UNESCO world heritage site Galle Fort, try the delicious food and enjoy live music while dancing barefoot under the stars.  

The beach just only sand beach so its better for who want to learn surfing and want to get they first wave in life. Our surf school located in front of hand time hostel. hope you can find us easily on the beach, We are My Surf Camp Surf School

Our Valuable Reviews

 Azma O
Azma O@azmao397
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Great bunch of guys and good value for money! Whenever we are in Sri Lanka and Weligama, my husband and I drop in to this camp in particular. In March we came with my friend who was also a beginner. For beginners, they make you feel safe and overall really comfortable to be around! Their rates for surf lessons are very reasonable and per person (in reference to the reviewer who said they cheat - lol not true probably just miscommunication).
Sasha R
Sasha R@sashar690
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My girlfriend and I agreed to surfing lessons for one hour, I said "How much for both of us us for one hour" he said "2000" I said "1500", he reluctantly said "OK". After the lack lustre surfing lesson was complete, they pulled the oldest trick in the book and say "Oh no, we agreed 1500 per person" There was an English girl there who claims to be a "surfing instructor", she was the rudest of the bunch, sad an English girl chose scamming tourists in Sri Lank as a lifestyle choice
Dominika G
Dominika G@232dominikag
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it was my first time on surfboard and the guys trim my surfcamp make this unforgettable experience! I loved every second of my classes it was fun, easy, we had tons of laugh and I didn’t wanna classes to finish ever:)) highly recommend if you wanna have fun and learn to surf at the same time! Thank u guys I will be always grateful for that experience❤️❤️❤️ Dominika
 Harrison Charles
Harrison Charles@HarrisonCharlesWhite
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These guys are great. My girlfriend and I had an hour lesson which was excellent. Then we continued to rent boards for the following days in Weligama. Always remembered us and greeted us with smiles. Nice easy boards for learners, and more advanced ones for those with experience. Also surf shirts available at no extra cost. If you're looking to surf in Weligama, there's so much choice and I'm sure you can't go to wrong, but My Surf Camp are a safe bet!